As a ship supplying company we're trying to differ us from our competitors through:

  • high quality products and service
  • the best prices possible, but not dumping to obtain certain quality level
  • a wide range of food products and technical items on stock
  • speaking several languages, like: English, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Greek and Turkish
  • having the knowledge, through qualifying and years of experienece by each of us
  • Membership of I.S.S.A. and A.N.P.A.N., the italian ship suppliers organization of which Mr. Tubino is a member of the board

Tubino is called "general ship supplier". So not really specialized in anything particular but with a wide range of products and services. We are supplying all kind of ships. From yachts and small river cargo vessels up to big tankers and cruise vessels.

Our aim is creating relationship in which we can improve quality of our services and where we can assist you best way possible to resolve any kind of problem, urgent or not, small or big. Tubino srl would like to be your Italian ship supplier to rely on for any kind of product or assistence you might need. Hereby we remain at your complete disposal for any query, quotation or order you may have. And off course, you're always welcome to visit us.